BroadbandMarch 28, 20200

COVID 19 & How it effects OFF Leash TV

We’ve been getting messages about buffering and issues for the last couple weeks and I think this needs to be said as a lot of you are having issues. Due to our current nation(world)wide situation, more and more people are being forced to stay indoors which means more and more people are using the internet at the same time. Internet Service Pr …

From Chris & StephanieFebruary 4, 20200

Review us

We need reviews!!! Please help!!!! Will only take a minute of your time… Google Reviews Facebook Reviews …

From Chris & StephanieFebruary 4, 20200

Plug Timer Trick

Using a plug timer (like used for Christmas lights) is a smart way to give your modem a rest daily and clear it’s cache. We highly recommend this if you experience high levels of buffering. Our modem and box powers off each morning between 3:30 and 4am. …

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