installNovember 27, 20200


If you don’t have the OFF Leash TV app and would like to install it on your TV box follow these steps: From the home screen click down until the bottom try opens and go to the right to click on the cogs/gears in the middle. Scroll down to and select Apps Scroll down to and select see all apps Scroll down to and select Google Play Store Click Open G …

installNovember 27, 20200

TiviMate Pro

How To Setup OFF LEASH TV within TiviMate IMPORTANT NOTE : We have found that setup within TiviMate will not work if your IP Vanish is turned On. Make sure to disconnect your IPVanish prior to updating to TiviMate Pro. If you don’t want to pay and don’t want to use the free version either click here to follow the steps to install the OFF L …

installApril 16, 20200

How to install OFF Leash TV on Amazon Fire Devices

Installing OFF Leash TV on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick is easier than you might think. You don’t have to root anything, and it takes mere minutes. The following methods work on all devices; 1st Generation Fire TV, 1st Generation Fire TV Stick, 2nd Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV 3, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV …

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