BroadbandMarch 28, 20200

COVID 19 & How it effects OFF Leash TV

We’ve been getting messages about buffering and issues for the last couple weeks and I think this needs to be said as a lot of you are having issues. Due to our current nation(world)wide situation, more and more people are being forced to stay indoors which means more and more people are using the internet at the same time. Internet Service Pr …

On DemandFebruary 3, 20200

Missing Show

Sometimes a show, studio or channel will pull their streams down from the internet when their marketing team is pushing sales through any streaming service like VuDu, Redbox, their website, Hulu etc. When the online sale ends the links will go back online and your OnDemand section will allow you to watch them again. There isn’t anything we can …

On DemandFebruary 3, 20200


Hey guys, if a movie is on Redbox there will be a good version to stream. Don’t forget that movies in the theater are not going to be good quality… They are still in theater. …

On DemandFebruary 3, 20200

Search for a Show

I’ve been watching Murder Mountain and it’s very interesting…. If you like documenteries check it out! Go to TV ON DEMAND > TV SHOWS > SEARCH > SEARCH: TV Shows > Type in: Murder Mountain > DONE Anyone else watching anything I should check out? …

On DemandFebruary 3, 20200


Remember if your are clearing the cache from any if your applications be sure you do not clear the data. It will undo everything that’s been set up and be unusable.

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