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Remember if your are clearing the cache from any if your applications be sure you do not clear the data. It will undo everything that’s been set up and be unusable.

Search for a Show

I’ve been watching Murder Mountain and it’s very interesting…. If you like documenteries check it out! Go to TV ON DEMAND > TV SHOWS > SEARCH > SEARCH: TV Shows > Type in…


Hey guys, if a movie is on Redbox there will be a good version to stream. Don’t forget that movies in the theater are not going to be good quality… They are still in theater.

Refer a Friend

Don’t forget that when you refer a friend to OFF Leash TV and they sign up you get $10 off your next month’s service and they get 10% off their first month!!! 

Missing Show

Sometimes a show, studio or channel will pull their streams down from the internet when their marketing team is pushing sales through any streaming service like VuDu, Redbox, their website, Hulu etc. …

Channel Groups

Live TV tutorial – Channel Groups New tutorial videos coming in next several days… I’ll post them here as they are uploaded.

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