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Becoming an OFF Leash TV Member is easy and offers a wealth of savings. Please read the terms carefully and complete the form below to become a lucky member.

As an OFF Leash TV
member you will enjoy:


  • No more cable bills!
  • 2000+ Channels of live TV with guide.
  • Add 2 extra live TV streams to any live tv package for $15 each month. (Important: Live tv service can only stream 2 devices at a time unless you purchase extra streams!!!)
  • Local channels (Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS) included for most major cities.
  • Live TV comes with Mobile on-the-go Streaming Service.
  • Plenty of kid’s networks included.
  • Understand and acknowledge that LIVE IPTV is fragile and streams may go down from time to time. We work hard to keep them up and active. If you get kicked out try selecting it again later.
  • PPV Events Included at no extra cost*.
  • All Major Sports Packages included*.


  • OFF Leash TV On Demand has almost every movie and TV show ever made available.
  • Movies! Save money by watching movies for free most times before they hit RedBox. NOTE: Movies in theaters will not play.
  • Smart technology OnDemand automatically tracks shows you watch and adds new episodes to your queue.
  • No more expensive movies tickets and over priced movie snacks.
  • Comes loaded with a VPN service to hide your IP address so your internet service doesn’t throttle your streams.


  • No late fees***.
  • No re-activation fees***.
  • Month-to-month service***.
  • No prorated service***.
    Ability to cancel at any time***.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing via email [email protected]. Service will run through the end of the month***.
  • USPS priority shipping of device to you.
  • You must have high speed internet service. Check your speed.
  • A one time non-refundable set-up fee of $49.99 per box.
  • You can keep your box if you bought it or send it back if you are renting it. There will be a fee for any rental box if it’s not sent back within 15 days.
  • Monthly member will be billed automatically to the major credit card of your choice each month via paypal.
  • OFF Leash TV has a very strict privacy policy and all credit information will be kept confidential.
  • Our member list will never be sold, disclosed or traded.
  • Any changes involving your membership information must be made in writing or by contacting [email protected]

*Live TV options listed above are only for packages that include Live TV service.
**On Demand options listed above are only for packages that include On Demand service.
***Ability to cancel at any time.
****By signing below, I certify that I authorize OFF Leash TV to charge my credit card each month for service. I have reviewed and accept the terms and conditions.

OFF Leash TV Member Form
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