We know buffering is very frustrating. OFF Leash TV strives to keep its servers running at peak performance so you seldom experience buffering or freezing. With that being said, most of the time, buffering is caused by a faulty setup or weak internet connection. No worries though! We will help you narrow down the issue and hopefully put an end to your buffering.

It’s important to note that if you are only experiencing buffering on most channels, the issue is most likely resolved with one of the tips below.

Internet Connection 
We suggests a speed of 15 Mbps or higher to stream smoothly.  Test your internet speed at fast.com (click here) to ensure you’re getting sufficient speeds. It is important to test your speeds from the device with the issue.

WiFi Usage
If too many devices are connected to your WiFi, they may be using up the majority of your internet speeds. Check your connected devices and see if there are any devices that are running/using resources that can be shut down. Ensure that your streaming device is within close enough range to receive a good signal.

Streaming Device
One of the most important deciding factors of buffering is the actual device that you are streaming on. Older android boxes do not have enough storage or memory to run newer apps smoothly. Your device may also have background apps consuming memory, causing buffering. If you are on an older box or Amazon device consider upgrading your device.

ISP Throttling
One of the more common reasons for buffering/freezing is internet provider throttling. What is ISP throttling? This is when your internet provider intentionally slows down or even blocks streaming services. This can easily be solved by making sure IP Vanish is running on your device. You may also need to disconnect IPVanish and reconnect so it moves you to a new server. We find that putting IPVanish on New York, Dallas and Canada give the best results.

Sometimes, the issue could be solved by a simple reboot to clear out all the caches. Unplug your streaming device from the outlet, your router/modem as well, and wait for a few minutes. Plug them back in and try again.

Other General Tips
Below are some helpful suggested tips and applications you can try. Some methods may work but you could still be in need of upgrading your services if buffering issues persist.

  • Reboot streaming device and/or router
  • A hardwired Ethernet connected device will provide the best results vs wifi.
  • Make sure you have not loaded any extra apps or games onto your device.
  • Does buffering only occur on 1080 streams or HD? If so, then look into upgrading your internet service or streaming lower quality.
  • If the problem is on most or all channels then it is somewhere on your end. Please read this page fully to help diagnose your situation.
OFF Leash TV is currently at the TOP of the Game when it comes to paid premium IPTV live TV streaming bundled with the best TV Guide that looks and feels just like the ones the big cable companies provide, VPN Service for a secure throttle free experience, Real-Debrid or Premiumize unlocking for higher quality streams, Show tracker for the ultimate OnDemand experience and the best customer support team!
Yes, you will need a High Speed Internet Connection so that you can enjoy a smooth buffer free experience.
How much does it cost each month? Do I have to pay a monthly fee? There is a one time $49.99 set-up charge for each box then you can purchase and own the OFF Leash TV Box or rent it for $15 per month. The only other fee you will incur with your fully packed entertainment experience is the monthly fee of $35-$60 plus $15 for any extra lines.
You may rent our equipment for a monthly fee. If you cancel you will have 15 days to return the box or you will be charge for the cost of the equipment.
We are working on them and upgrading them all the time. We do have a youtube channel and facebook group with instructional videos. Take the time to watch through them all for a full understanding of OFF Leash TV.
We ship via USPS priority mail.
**We do also Ship to Canada as well, and a $25 Flat Rate is charged for Shipping. Canadian Shipments will be handled via USPS Priority Mail International. Sorry we do not Ship International.
Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center software. It plays almost every kind of media you can find and it looks great while doing it! After we install Kodi on your box, we will then upload our premium OFF Leash custom build within Kodi. This is where the Magic happens!
Understanding how it all works: When you pick content to stream through your box, you are in essence forwarding your request to providers (servers) who are hosting this content all over the web. The equipment loads all of the available options into a list of links for you to choose from. Then displays that list to you, and you can choose which link you would like to stream the content from. Sometimes there will be no streams; even after a list showing streams for the same content or the list will disappear before fully loading. It just depends on which servers are online at the time you search and if the links are actually active at that time.
Yes! When we ship your order, we will notify you via email and that email will contain your tracking number. Please make sure to white list or add our email to your contacts in order to not miss any important updates from us. Please do not send inquiries or submit Tickets asking about a tracking number, it will actually slow us down from getting orders out for you and everyone else. We promise we get to them as fast as possible.
Navigate through the Main Menu by scrolling left or right. You will notice what tab you are on by following the blue highlighted box. DON’T MISS ALL OF THE GOODIES LOCATED IN THE SUB MENUS!
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network uses a Secure Tunnel to connect to a Remote Server, which then forwards your request, ultimately Encrypting all Data that travels through the Private Tunnel VPN. Basically it completely hides everything you do on your Network or Internet from your Internet Service Provider or ANY 3rd Party, as long as the device you are using at the time is connected to a VPN Service Provider. Simple stuff, don’t let it try to Confuse you. Sometimes your Internet Service Provider will throttle you back for Streaming too much. This will cause your movies or live TV to buffer constantly and not clear up, even if you have a fast download speed. They are basically taking your High Speed Internet Connection and dropping it down to usually less than 5 MBPS (minimum connection speed). IPVanish provides rivacy and keeps your internet service strong.
Once you start watching a show newly aired episodes begin being included in the “Queue” tab in the sub menu of “On Demand”.
Simply scroll over and highlight “On Demand” without clicking and you will see a sub menu drop down and you will also see newly released or soon to be released series along the bottom of the screen. Once here you will find a “Search” tab in the sub menu. Click on “Search” > “Search TV Shows” > and type the name in the pop up box > Click on “Done”. A list of shows available will appear in a few minutes. Scroll to the correct show and click on it to find all the current seasons and episodes. Or you can scroll down to the list of new series at the bottom of the screen and brows through them. Simply click on the one you wish to enjoy!
Simply scroll over and highlight “Movies” without clicking and you will see a sub menu drop down and you will also see newly released or soon to be released movies along the bottom of the screen. Some are still in Theater and will not have watchable streams available or any at all. Once here you will find a “Search” tab in the sub menu. Click on “Search” > “Search TV Movies” > and type the name in the pop up box > Click on “Done”. A list of movies available will appear in a few minutes. Scroll to the correct movie and click on it to watch. Or you can scroll down to the list of new movies at the bottom of the screen and brows through them. Simply click on the one you wish to enjoy!
Just because there is an error shown for an Add-on while you are inside of the app, does not mean your OFF Leash TV is non functional. You have to realize, we have near 100 Add-ons loaded inside of your App. This is what makes up our Custom Build (the Apps we choose, and Setup for you). Each single Add-on was developed by a different individual then the next. If you see an error, it usually just means that specific Add on failed to communicate with it’s home Server, or that an update might be required for better Add-on performance. Our build Forces Updates upon start up, whether the updates are available or not, is up to the Specific Add-On Developers and completely out of our Hands. Seeing an error, does not specifically mean that Add-on won’t work, you can still try it, but if you have issues you will just have to use another until that specific Add-on is updated. Best Practice is to go to quit the app every time you exit or power down the box. This will guarantee a Fresh Start up next time you open it, and Updates will be Forced and Cache & Packages Cleaned for better performance. Also, make sure you are giving Off Leash a minimum of 3-5 minutes to load all Add-ons when powered up, let them call back to home Servers for updates, etc. This will allow for a much smoother experience if you just be patient and give it time.
It’s literally as easy as turning on your device and waiting a minute! IPVanish APP on your device is programmed to start up automatically with in the first 2 minutes. If your IPVanish app stops starting automatically email us at [email protected]
We prefer New York, Dallas & Canada but if your IP Vanish resets for some reason please contact us at [email protected] for assistance setting it back up properly.
With IPTV live TV streaming this is bound to happen from time to time. It will resolve itself soon! If it has been longer than 24 hours please email us the channel that isn’t working at [email protected]
Please contact us at [email protected] Your debrid service needs to be reset and the device properly shut down to save the settings.
Simply unplug your device for 20 seconds and plug back in to reboot.
First thing you want to do is unplug your home’s router for 1 minutes and plug back in. Wait a few minutes for it to reboot. While waiting you can unplug your device for 1 minute and plug back in to reboot. This should clear any clogged caches in your router or device and usually alleviates the buffering. If it’s still happening it’s likely your internet speeds being effected. Check that IP Vanish is connected. If you need contact us at [email protected]
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