Welcome to Off Leash TV! Here are some steps to get you started. For more visit our Welcome Page.

  1. Here are all the different buttons on your remote that we’ll be referenced in bold.
  1. Attach the Nvidia Shield to your TV via HDMI cord, attach and plug in the power source. If your router/modem is close enough we suggest a direct line via an ethernet cable. If you are connecting via wifi use the menu button to find the wifi settings.
  2. Wait a few seconds and IP Vanish will auto connect IF you have ON Demand. If you have Live TV only you can skip this step.

    IP Vanish keeps your IP address hidden from your internet provider so they do not slow or “throttle” your speed. You only need IP Vanish during On Demand. If you experience buffering during playback disconnect and reconnect IP Vanish so it picks a new server.

  1. Click the home button to return to the main screen.
  1. You can set up your remote to control your TV and speakers by clicking the menu button. Select Device Preferences and then Display & Sound. Within here you will see Power Control & Volume Control options. Everyone’s TV is different so you will need to explore these options and decide what works best.
  2. Click the home button to return to the main screen.
  1. Depending on your service ordered your NETFLIX button may have different settings. Try these different options to explore what your options are. SINGLE TAP – DOUBLE TAP – LONG PRESS. Once you know what it does you can use it to easily and more quickly navigate through your different services.
  1. Click the home button to return to the main screen after you’ve explored this.
  1. Click on the LIVE TV graphic on the home screen or use the NETFLIX button option that opens LIVE TV 
  1.  Videos for the native app and TiviMate can be found here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_2VekUwxb5G5NHsVkWW_S4soqPtEMD4O
  1.  Your last played channel will start automatically. Use your back button to locate the guide.
  1. Once in the guide:

    LONG PRESS SELECT on an episode listing to: 

Add or remove Favorite Channels in your Favorite List, Block or Hide channels, Manage- favorites, blocked channels, visibility and to reorder the channel list.

LONG PRESS SELECT on a future episode will give the option to set a reminder.

  1.  Click the back button to go to the guide. Click back button again and you can explore all the different channel lists including your favorites.
  1.  Click back button again will show Search, Settings and Exit.
  2.  Click the right navigation button to get back to the guide. Click select button twice on any channel to watch it and explore more options.

    LONG PRESS SELECT while watching a channel and you will get settings at the bottom to explore like: Multi View, Picture in Picture, Sleep timer…

    LEFT goes to previous channel

    UP & DOWN channels up and down

    LONG PRESS LEFT opens a different view of the guide.

    LONG PRESS RIGHT displays the episode description

    LONG PRESS UP displays history of your latest watched channels

    LONG PRESS DOWN activates voice search
  1.  To exit click the back button until it shuts down OR click on the HOME button.
  1.  Select the On Demand graphic on the home screen (If you have it) or use the Netflix button option that opens it. Check our videos https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_2VekUwxb5EU16CkrLjP3MzVjhcW0PPe
  1.  Once open you will see a news ticker at the bottom of the screen with info on our Facebook Group and Youtube Channel for help and updates. Check this often.
  1.  Remember as you explore you can always hit the back button as many times as you need to get back to the main On Demand screen.
  2.  TV SHOWS navigate to and highlight in the menu (no need to press select) you will see two widgets across the screen. (Sometimes the queue takes longer)

    The top widget is your queue with next available episodes of shows you are watching. FYI: It does take time for these to update after you’ve watched an episode so if you are binging open NEXT EPISODES in the submenu. Once there you can long press select on any show and MARK WATCHED TRAKT to bring up the next available episode.

    The bottom widget will be TV Show Premieres.

    In the submenu will you will see:

    COLLECTION. To add shows to your collection simply find the show (does not work from the widgets on the screen) and scroll to it and highlight it and then long press the select button. Choose TRAKT LISTS MANAGER, choose ADD TO TRAKT LIST, choose COLLECTION.

    WATCH LIST. Same instructions as COLLECTION.

    NETWORKS: Click to open and you are able to explore  shows from specific networks.

    SEARCH: Click to be able search by entering the shows name or actors.

    CACHE CLEAR TRAKT CACHE: Can offer help in any shows getting hung up and not being marked as watched or showing up in your Collection or Watchlist.

    You may also click on TV SHOWS in the main menu to see all the ways possible of exploring shows.

  3.  MOVIES scroll to and highlight it in the main menu to see the two movie widgets.

The top widget displays trending movies.

The bottom widget displays NEW movies. FYI if it is too new you will not be able to watch yet.

In the submenu you will see:

GENRE: This will pull up different genres for you to find movies of.

YEAR: The ability to find movies by year.

SEARCH: Allows you to search via movie title or actor name.

You may also click on MOVIES in the main menu to see all the ways possible of exploring shows.

  1.  SETTINGS scroll to and highlight settings. You may be asked to use these during any upgrades.

    In the submenu two key things you will find that you will want to use:

    CLEAR CACHE if you have any issues always clear cache (then QUIT and finally disconnect and reconnect IP Vanish)

    QUIT best way to shut down and restart ON DEMAND if it is having issues.
  2.  Other apps on your home screen MAY be Youtube, IP Vanish and/or Internet Speed Check.

If you need further assistance after watching the video please email us at [email protected]

Thank you,

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